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    Yala National Park Tour

    Embark on a thrilling safari through Yala National Park for a chance to spot the most exotic species in Sri Lanka. Yala National Park is the second largest national park on the island bordering the azure Indian Ocean. The 130,000 ha area of land protected as Yala National Park is divided into 5 blocks consisting of scrubs, grasslands, tanks, lagoons and light forests with only 2 of those blocks open to the public for safaris. Home to a wide range of animals from deer and elephants to birds and crocodiles, the most treasured and rarest animals to look out for are the sloth bear and leopard. The park attracts animal and nature lovers from around the world to witness the exotic creatures that thrive within the protected spaces of the park. 

    The best time for a wildlife safari is at dawn or dusk, where most animals are more often spotted at this time than during the day, as the weather gets too hot and they retreat further into the jungle. The ideal season to spot wildlife at Yala National Park is between the months of February to June. Keep in mind that the park does close in September, so plan your trip accordingly. As it can get quite hot in the park, remember to carry sunscreen to protect you from the sun. Keep in mind not to cause any disturbance to the wildlife when you’re inside the protected park. 

    3.4 hrs 134 Km