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    Kalawila Brief Garden Tour

    When history, secrets and a brilliant mind merge, you’ll find a work of art that’s not just beautiful to admire, but one that evokes a sense of tranquillity and calmness. Located 10 kilometres from Bentota town and its sprawling beach, Brief Garden was the country home of the legendary Bevis Bawa. A winding road through small villages and paddy fields will lead you to an imposing gate and signage with ‘BRIEF’, inviting you in to witness the grandeur of this garden. The garden that envelopes the house was deemed to be the source of inspiration for the famed architect, Geoffrey Bawa, his brother. 

    Experience wonder and the serene spaces as you stroll along the wildly, manicured Brief Gardens. Planned and articulated by Bevis Bawa, endless small paths connect to each other before drawing you to the main attraction – his house. Explore the treasures and range of artwork kept within this colonial house with its own stories, from homoerotic statues to a vibrant mural of local life. The garden is home to over 106 types of trees, with a variety of other flora wildly flourishing within this Eden. The main one; a towering araliya tree stands proudly over the manicured lawn and the imposing house; and was the first one planted in the property.


    25 Mins 12.6 Km