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    Udawalawe Elephant Sanctuary Tour

    Embark on a thrilling wildlife safari in Udawalawe National Park and be prepared for an adventure of a lifetime. Known to be the best place to spot Sri Lanka’s most treasured giants, the Sri Lankan Elephant, the Udawalawe National Park promises to explore a plethora of other species to admire too! However, a visit to the Udawalawe Elephant Sanctuary is one of the most fulfilling trips to make during your adventures on the island. 

    Located in Udawalawe, the Elephant Sanctuary acts as a rehabilitation and transit home for baby elephants that have been injured, sick or orphaned from around the island. The animals are then looked after and nursed back to health until they are deemed fit enough for release back into the rugged jungles. The ethical sanctuary allows its residents to roam freely around the premises and does not constrict them to chains or cages. The best time to visit is during a weekday, as weekends and public holidays crowds of visitors. While you’re not allowed to interact with the elephant, visitors are permitted entry to the sanctuary during elephant feeding times when the calves are fed milk every 3 hours starting from 9am to 6pm.

    2.5 Hrs 99 Km