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    Whale Watching in Mirissa

    Set sail to the depths of the Indian Ocean on a smooth cruise, in search of the magnificent creatures that dwell beneath the surface of the azure waters. Mirissa is the ideal place for whale and dolphin watching between the months of November to April, as the waters become a playground for a myriad of whales and dolphin species. Some of the most commonly spotted whales include sperm whales, killer whales, Bryde whales, short finned whales, while you’ll be able to see schools of bottlenose dolphins and striped dolphins as they playfully frolic around your boat! However, the main whale type to look out for is the blue whale – the largest animal in the world! Whale and Dolphin watching in Mirissa is ideal for nature lovers as they set sail into the ocean. The best time to embark on your adventures is at dawn, and since most boats leave the harbour by at least 6am, an early rise is required. Base yourself at one of our boutique hotels in Mirissa so you can’t save on the extra travel time and get a few more winks in before your day out in the sea begins!

    10 Mins 4.7 Km