The Beach House

The Beach House

A far-flung escape from the hustle and bustle, The Beach House provides just the right amount of sun, sand and sea. Guided by tropical foliage from the entrance, step into your tranquil summer getaway and soak up the dazzling views from our main foyer before settling into your chic suite or diving into the refreshing pool waters of our boutique, beachfront villa in Mirissa.

Located in Mirissa, The Beach House lies in proximity to the locale’s most sought out attractions and experiences from whale watching to the scenic Coconut Tree Hill, ensuring that your holiday with us is not just relaxing, but enriching and memorable too!

why The Beach House
  • Six bedroom chic beach villa overlooking the ocean
  • Breathtaking views of the turquoise ocean as you enter through our doors
  • Our Sri Lankan breakfast journey with the views of the ocean is a must try
  • Ten minutes’ drive to Mirissa harbour to go dolphin & whale spotting

Experience The Beach House

Taste the Island Life
Our chic stylish beach villa offers Incredible ocean views, stunning sunrises, and luxurious and tropical living amidst Mirissa beach. As you step into the foyer the view will mesmerize you with the blends of shades of blue.


Spot the Magnificent Blue Whales
The Blue whales are the largest creatures on earth, measuring up to 30 meters in length. Alongside the blues, pods of acrobatic dolphins and many other kinds of whales are also a frequent sight. This is one experience which will make you a storyteller.
Whale Watching
  • 10 minutes
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Mirissa Bay
  • 5 minutes
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Polhena Beach
  • 9 minutes
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Coconut Tree Hill
  • 4 minutes
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Parrot rock
  • 4 minutes
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Frequently Asked Questions

Our villa sits right on the beach away from Mirissa bay, which makes it uncrowded and secluded with not many outside visitors on the beach. Our unique cocoon sunbeds would be the best place to enjoy the view and to get the click for the gram

We do accommodate children, the most comfortable room to triple up would be the Balcony Suite. The property has been more popular with couples due to the lay out & ambiance of the villa.

Yes we do give out the whole villa which is 6 rooms. You can get in touch with our reservations for special rates if you are looking for a buyout of the property.

We do not have the facility of chauffer accommodation at the property, however we would assist you to book lodging for the chauffer at a cost in a nearby location. We recommend you book ahead during season.

As we are a tropical country beach is always a good place to be, however with monsoon coming to an end November to April period is the best weather to be travelling to Mirissa

November to April period is the season for whales & dolphin spotting. It’s generally a half day experience and if you wish to book the excursion you can get in touch with our front office team and they will arrange it for you. We also curate aerial whale & dolphin spotting experiences through our partner f-air.

There is a spot close to the property which is very safe to swim which our staff will guide you to go swim. Sea is less rough during November to April period.

Coconut Tree Hill, Secret beach , Parrot Rock , Whales & dolphin spotting, snorkel! on the turtle bay and surfing in Madiha are few activities you can explore. You can get in touch with our front office team and they will guide you on these activities.

It is easy, with plenty of tuk tuks. (Cash only and always negotiate price before getting in). Be sure to ask our front office team and they will arrange the tuk tuk for you.

There are many pubs and restaurants to try in Mirissa bay & Madiha. Few of our favorites would be – Doctors House Madiha, Zephyr Mirissa & Kama Mirissa

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